The being is here always and forever,

Time is only our invention and conflicts with our being,

Everything is in the newness,

And we find all answers if we live in the being,


I am what I am,

Healthy, happy, loving,

Generous, compassionate, wise, caring, forgiving,

As I live in the being,

I lose my doubts and fears and learn oneness.


One Step in One Moment:


It takes one moment to make someone laugh or cry.

It takes one step to make a difference.

It takes one word to make someone happy.

It takes one chance to make the right move.

It takes one strike to hurt someone.

It takes one act of forgiveness to change someone’s life.

It takes one drop of water to give life to a plant.

It takes one thought to make it forward or backward.

It takes one laugh to put a smile on someone’s face.

It takes one gesture of love to create.

It takes one drop of rain to make an ocean.

It takes one gust of wind to bend a tree.

It takes one moment of gratitude to make a friend.

I am going to take one thoughtful moment to work on myself.

My Father:

My father, my stability!

My father, my clarity!

I knew you but I didn’t understand you

I loved you but I didn’t express it

I said goodbye to you but never truly told you

Papa, you were my strength, my truth, and my love

I miss you and feel you to my last breath!

From you I learned compassion, inner power, and tolerance.

I love you forever and am working hard to be the same for my children


My Brother:


My brother, my flesh

My brother, my blood

My brother, my intimate soul

My brother, allow me to enter your being

My brother, sit with me and share your suffering

My brother, it’s your strength to show your vulnerability

My brother, it’s your wisdom to surface your inner struggle

My brother, it’s time to become one

We must find the love

We must know the love

Love isn’t explainable

Love isn’t tangible

My brother feel the needed love that is expressible and fulfills the hollow heart!

Now is the time and place to relinquish the control of emotions that been suppressed


My Beautiful Daughter

The time arrived and magic happened

The first glance of the angelic face

The first moment between us.

The first smell was incredibly awakening.

First beauty in my eyes is connected deeply.

I am in awe with overwhelming emotion.

I am in love immensely with the creation.

Holding her in my arms brought tremendous comfort, joy and love.

My love and compassion is never ending.

Growing with this creative beauty and love is limitless.

I never want to leave this island of joy and connection.

I am in this relationship for this world and others.

I will give you my life and soul here and now with no hesitation.

I am stronger, compassionate and more creative because of you.

You are in my heart forever and I hope I am in yours.


The birds’ favorite songs, you do not hear,

For their most flamboyant music takes place when their wings are stretched

Above the trees, and they are smoking the opium of pure freedom.

It is healthy for the prisoner to have faith.

That one day he will again move about

Wherever he wants,

Feel the wondrous grit of life–

Less structured,

Find all wounds, debts paid.

I once asked a bird,

“How is it that you fly in this gravity

of darkness?”

She responded,

“Love lifts me.”