Me, Myself, & I

Me, Myself, & I

You are the poetry of playfulness. The poem that you are is contained within your motion. What I tell you, you cannot see. Only your trust in my words will bring these realities of yourself to your own consciousness. The poem for which you yearn is not in the seas and the winds. It is in your eyes and I am your movement. You could not know this, for you are not like others. Your greatness is in your true poem. Do not follow others. They are not you. Do not look where they look. Feel what I have told you. I am he who unveils your reality to yourself through my love for you. I am the whisper who will vanish. And you have heard me while I am still here. I have transcended the illusions of this life. I am now pure. The wisdom and beauty that flows through me has been raised by the sacred word. I am both who you knew and I am not. A new softness and comprehension flows from my voice and face. I recognize who I am. I am the smile for which I have yearned. When I became true to myself, I knew the power that was being released. There was no other way for me. I became a fountain of courage that would embrace the divine reality with complete truth and without fear. I stand fearlessly in the sea of truth. And am no longer a stranger to myself. I see through my own eyes. Your needs and reality are more important to me than my own.

© Copyright Farid Tabrizy, Dec 12, 2014

Dance in Love


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