Cloudy Thoughts:

Cloudy Thoughts:
Dark, Cloudy, Wet, and Quiet
My heart is in place but my soul is running.
Today, Tonight, Always.
Chasing for the real feeling of affected moments.
Moments of presence and emotions from the past.
Confused by the true reflection of self-sabotaging actions.
Are we aligned with what is in front of us?
Are we searching for what has happened?
Do your actions in the past or present dictate who we become or how we will act?
I am not sure what will change the motion of the future.
I am not sure how often we have been fed lies, misunderstandings and non-comprehension.
We are all in the well of nonsense and insecurity of we have been given.
Does no one has enough courage and power and openness to explore why we live this life?
Why do we do what we do everyday?
Why are we the product of our own thoughts and actions?
Why do we give up easily and not take that extra step?
I am awake. I am moving forward. I am not ashamed nor disappointed by what I follow and who I become.
I am a combination of genius,  lessons, experiences, and decisions.
I will continue this journey with my head up and mind open, and flourish in the moments left in my veins.
Farid Tabrizy


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