Lost & Found:

Walking on the sand I dreamed to leave you behind
I was drawing a dark clay that shakes You and I,
sinking deep and coming to surface, decided that you should come out of me,
that you were weighing me down like a cutting stone deeper than my roots,
and I worked out your loss step by step
to cut off your roots, to release you alone into the wind of truth.
Ah in that minute, my dear,
a dream with its terrible wings was covering you from falling.
You felt yourself swallowed by the clay,
and you called to me and I did not come to rescue,
you were going, motionless, without defending yourself until you were smothered in the quicksand.
Afterwards my decision encountered your dream and your reality,
and from the rupture that was breaking our hearts we came forth clean again,
naked, loving, compassionate each other without dream, without sand, complete and radiant,
sealed by fire.


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