Great memories of past vividly remembered

Feelings, conversations and thoughts freshly placed

Their process, cares and reflections of act are all here

Childhood nothing but love and compassion from both

When i look back now all make sense and amazed how they knew

I am the product of their well thoughts and doings

I am a reflection of their wisdom and true desire to teach and show

I am never forget of teaching and expressing their love and wishes

Now when i look back am amazed of their patient and depth of their be

I will always love you for who you were and what you gave

I am deeply sorry for ever not attending to you

I am very sorry if ever wasn’t there to release you pain and sorrow

I am for ever will continue to think and care for you

I will never forget you now or forever till I pass on this life

I loved you and will love you for who you were and what you thought.


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