The Truth of Recovery:

I was born with addiction; that was given

I carried the obsession without knowing

I became familiar with wanting and needing

I was willing to die for the moments of numbness

I tried once and felt the relief and joy

I want that feeling every day, anywhere

I am the best friend of my  addiction

I need the substance to feel alive

I continue the use until I forget the effect

I start all over again forgetting yesterday

I became aware of my existence and obsession

I became to someone I don’t know

I am the obsession of mind, manipulated by drugs

I regret it all until I want more to get numb again

I am getting closer to peace but never definite

It won’t go away without daily conscious awareness

I will never forget where l started and now

I will always be humble knowing l am powerless

I found my freedom without the dependency

I become one with my soul and feels great


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