Life Source:

I’m contemplating. Looking into my life, from the past to the present.


Where I’ve been, and what has happened. I’m looking into my soul from every angle.


Do I have a purpose? Am I on the right path?


Everyone talks about it! NOW. HERE. What does that mean?


Is it a new fad? Is it a new saying? What does it really mean?

I’m on a path in my life where everything must be meaningful, otherwise I don’t feel true


Where am I heading? Where I am going to land? This is a question I’ve been asking myself

for a long time!

Purpose, Direction, Destiny, Results! Should we focus on all of that? Or just on looking inside

and concentrating on one thing and one thing only? Me?

Thoughts, Dreams, Imagination, and Reflections. Limited being, yet limitless!

Powerless, yet powerful! Dark for some, yet clear for all!

Frightening, yet smooth! Cold, yet compassionate!

Do we have all of those feelings and strengths in ourselves? Or do they only belong to Nature?


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