Mind blowing, Wind breaking.
Day begins and Night ends.
Word starting, lisp continuing.
Chapters read, Hours passing.
New beginning, Fast ending.
Way up high, low through the earth.
Right in front of your eyes, see beyond.
What happens then, does anyone care?
Who listens? Let me express myself.
Who I am, how it feels, doesn’t really
Are we hearing it completely?
Do we comprehend it deeply?
Why do we struggle to get to know one another?
How are we presenting ourselves?
Maybe we are having fun for this moment?
We are the complete opposite
Why does everyone get stuck in normality?
Let’s step out of what shows on the surface.
We are obligated to look through all the layers.
Take your time and dig far enough to see the truth.
May be painful at times but it’s so real.
Farid Tabrizy


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