I am the center of gravity of my universe.
I am the drop of water in the ocean.
I am the dust on the surface of being.
I am the significant word of every book.
I am the temperature of every fever.
I am the insignificance of everything significant.
I am the width of every length.
I am the smelliness of every odor.
I am the clarity of every color.
I am the weight of all the known gravity .
I am the weakness of the roots of all strength.
I am nothing to all the values.
I am the known existence of being alive.
I am the delusion of the true being of self-exploration.
I am the confusion of the conscious self.
I am moving an inch per decade.
I am the exploration of self-understanding.
I am the only one who can expand myself.
I am in peace and my space has no boundaries or limits.
Farid Tabrizy


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